What Is A Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is basically a strapless bra. Styles of strapless bras used to be very limited with only fairly unattractive options available but you can now find a wide range of flirty designs and colors to take your fancy.

Coming from the French word for ‘band’, the bandeau bra is a band of material that is wrapped around a woman’s breasts. Bandeau bras generally have no opening so are put on over the head and are sometimes called tube tops, although some styles are fastened at the back. Most are strapless but either come with removable straps or have hooks to enable you to add bra straps if need be. These straps, if used, are flexible in that they can be used in the classic style or adjusted to the cross back or halter neck designs.

The support offered by the strapless bandeau bra varies. Some have no support but some offer light support via their shaped cups. The padded bandeau bra with light foam padding gives medium support whilst women looking for extra support should go for the underwire options. Some cups are lined or double lined for extra modesty coverage.

The bandeau strapless bra now comes in many colors and patterns so although the plainer options can be worn as standard bras, the more interesting ones are perfect for layeringunder either low cut or sheer tops. If you opt for a plainer variety that you do not plan on showing off to the world, make sure that your clothes will not dip too low and reveal the upper band anyway. Some styles of bandeau go from left to right, straight across your chest, while others with ruching in the center give a more traditional look to the bra. These are tucked and gathered at the front to add more interest to the undergarment.

The width of the backs varies quite a bit between styles so it worth trying to find an image of the back before buying. Those that are the true ‘band’ styles are as deep at the back as they are at the front, although many designs do have tapered width backs.
The bandeau style of strapless bra is very versatile making it a huge success with women all over the world. The idea is also seen in bandeau tops and bandeau bikinis. The beauty of many bandeau bras is that they can be worn as casual or sportswear.

Buying guide:

o Check the support offered by the bra is adequate for your needs.

o Check the style of the front will not be too straight for your clothes and go for a more ruched center design if need be.

o Check the depth of the back suits your personal preference as well the clothes you wish to wear over it.

o Check whether the bra goes on over the head or has a hook and eye closure depending on your preferred style.

o Check the sizing of the bra and buy the right size to avoid your breasts squishing out horizontally giving an unflattering look.

Advantages of bandeau bras:

o The seamless bandeau bra is more comfortable than other strapless bras.

o There is usually no messing about with hooks and eyes.

o They are flexible in that they can be worn with straps or not as you desire.

o You can dress them up with fancy bra straps such as rhinestone or other jewelry straps. Steer clear of invisible straps as they look pretty tacky and are only invisible to the blind.

o There are many designs available that are meant to be seen under clothes, making them ideal for layering.

o They are great for new mothers to use as nursing bras. They offer easy access for night time feeds and are comfortable to sleep in.

Disadvantages of bandeau bras:

o Some designs do not have adequate strength in the upper band causing them to slip down over time.

o They do not suit droopy breasts unless you choose an underwire bandeau bra style.

o If you buy the wrong size, a bandeau bra will flatten your assets.


The cost of a bandeau bra varies from just over $10 up to $70.
Top brands

To ensure a well designed and fitting bandeau bra, you are best sticking with a top manufacturer. Best selling bandeau bras are made by Annette, Hanky Panky, Maidenform and Cosabella, while the bandeau bras with top reviews are made by Maidenform, Braza, Hanky Panky and Fashion Forms.

For something a little bit different why not take a look at the Hanky Panky Giraffe Leopard Signature Lace Bandeau Bra costing $42.

You will certainly stand out from the crowd in this fashionable bandeau bra. It is made with Hanky Panky’s signature stretch lace and combines two animal prints – a smaller leopard print design on the trim and a larger giraffe print pattern on the main band. Being made of a print that is meant to be seen, this bra is ideal for layering either under sheer tops or with low cut tops. The cups offer light support as they are wire free. The bra is seamless so is put on over the head.

Bandeau bras are comfortable, strapless varieties that can be worn by women of most cup sizes by choosing a bra with the right support. They can be worn as day to day bras or can be used as an interesting layer to dress up an outfit. Everyone should have at least one to see what they are missing out on!

Wear Beautiful Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots return with popularity each season. They are always stylish and can be worn with a tasteful flair. A laced up pair of hugging heels changes the whole outlook of a woman’s attire. This footwear grows in style with each season. Short skirts and dress boots are taking on a style of their own and seem to be the direction of future fashion. Men are avid fans of these shoes realizing how essential this shoe is to the wardrobe. Standard in mens fashion year round, seeing a well dressed man in these great shoes is nothing new.

Christian Louboutin Alta Bouton Ankle wear is just one bold example of the shoe that never goes out of style. This boot is great looking with a gorgeous pair of skin hugging jeans or a long swinging skirt. This Italian leather boot with its distinctive Military look is stylish for the woman unafraid to be bold. Dress in lovely Moccasins boots, always known for their casual quiet style. The Western styled boot looks sharp with great pants or complete outfits. Waterproof and Suede footwear are all hard to pass up.

Boots complete a woman’s wardrobe closet, and represent a passion that flows from year to year inspired by
Laced up ladies ankle boots accentuate a woman’s legs; look wonderful with these great looking shoes. Do not limit your look to a dress or slacks but make the shoe a striking ankle piece to wear. Boots are unique using leather and fabrics to adorn the feet. Look sexy, casual or particularly elegant in a pair of attractive boots, designed by top figures in the fashion industry; Gucci, Prada, Dolce& Garbana and Balmain.

Ankle attire comes in many colors and materials giving a wide selection to the buyer. With ankle boots do not just wear fashion, be fashion. You might even find a good pair to go with your leather sports bag.

Types of Strapless Bra

Convertible strapless bras

This strapless number comes with straps that are detachable. As well as being able to use straps in the normal position, they can also often be positioned in a halter neck or criss cross style.

Plus size strapless bras

Larger breasted women can find it problematic to find bras that do the job, especially in the strapless varieties. Even finding a sexy bra with straps can be a job, so to find one without straps can seem impossible. Look for bras that have wider hems as this means there will be more support to keep the bra from slipping. You will also need underwiring to effectively cup your breasts and keep them in place while also producing a firmer silhouette. Strapless bras can be ideal for plus size women to help them feel more natural and to avoid the distortions caused by thick straps pulling ‘everything’ up.

Backless strapless bras

A backless strapless bra is the answer when you want to wear a tiny top or evening gown where the material is hardly there. They are especially popular to create a natural looking cleavage without the hint of a bra in sight. There are no straps, no backs, and no seams.

So what on earth is there? Just two self adhesive cups with a clasp in the center. You just position this amazing invention in a number of different ways for a number of different looks, press down to stick onto your skin and cinch together with the clasp to create cleavage.

Position high for fuller looking breasts, position low for a more natural look. They are easy to remove and clean and the regenerating adhesive means they can be worn over and over again.

Strapless push up bras

Coming in a number of designs, the strapless push up bra has two main features – it is strapless obviously and it changes the shape of your breasts. Its intention is to deepen your cleavage. Self adhesive bras do this via a clasp that when shut pulls the breasts together. Fabric bras do this via padding on the sides that pushes the breasts together. Newer styles achieve the push up factor via polycarbonate padding that is shaped like a hand and holds the breasts for support. They are ideal for women with saggy breasts.

Padded strapless bras

For women with small breasts, the padded strapless bra can offer the answer. It uses padding to achieve the appearance of a larger chest size. It also offers authenticity to this larger bust as how can a large chest that is not held up with straps be anything but real? Padding can also be used to protect your modesty when the weather turns cold, to provide for a smoother silhouette or to give extra support.

Bandeau strapless bra

And of course we can’t forget the strapless bandeau bra, to which this site is dedicated. Made from a band of material that is usually seamless and claspless and put on over the head, there are many fun and flirty styles to choose from for every chest size.

Tips In Getting Your Running Sports Bra

Choosing to be fit and fab requires dedication, discipline and hard work. You must know when to say no to food that is not healthy, and you must learn to indulge yourself from time to time. Aside from these things, you also need the kind of protection that only a sports bra can give. That is to keep your shape in form at all times.

If you are into running, you will need a running sports bra that will give you great compression to keep your breasts as still as possible.

To make it more special, a great running cotton sports bra is also a great choice to keep you fresh and cool as you run.

There are ways to get your perfect running sports bra. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

• Size- make sure that you measure your breasts well to get the perfect size. It is essential to get the right size of the bra primarily because the bra cannot function well it the bra is ill-fitted. The bra should not be too loose as this would cause your breast to bounce all the more. On the other hand, if it is too tight, you will end up hurting yourself by smashing your breasts.

• Material- to fully support your breasts, your sports bra must be made of thick fabric that will hold your breasts firmly. But be sure that the fabric is stretchable at the same time so that you can easily move with it and will not rug against your skin that would cause pain.

• Price- don’t be dictated with the idea that a good quality of bra must be expensive. For some instances, it can be true but you need to know that there less expensive sports bras that are of very good quality too.


Tips For Purchasing And Wearing Leather Pants

If you want to invest in a pair of pants that never go out of style, buy leather pants. They look great when you want to look like a cowgirl, rocker, biker, gothic, or simply fashionable. Recently, many high end designers have used leather pants in their newest collections. Most of the newest styles are form fitting that cling on the wearer’s shape like second skin. However, there are also some other options if you do not feel you are up to wearing tight pants.

If genuine leather is too expensive, there are many fake leather pants you can buy. Pick the ones with high quality so that people will never know the leather you wear is not genuine leather. Latex pants are also popular because of their glossy look, which will make the wearer look sexier.

If you decide to buy genuine leather, find a pair with high quality. It does not automatically be the most costly one. It means that the leather should be wear and tear resistant for a long time.

As with all form fitting clothes, you should try them on before buying. Do not be tempted to buy pants that are too small. They will restrict your movement, as well as your circulation and breathing. It will not make you look great if you pass out in the middle of a crowd because of your pants were too tight.

You may make your purchase in an online shop. However, you should always ask about their refund or return policy. Even though you have been very careful to pick the right size, there is always a chance you end up with pants that do not fit. It is better to be safe with such a costly purchase.

Black is the most popular color because it is easy to pair it with other colors. Black leather pants also makes someone looks slimmer. But there are other styles you can choose. If you want to go with cowgirl look, choose brown or white pants. These pants are also looser than ordinary leather or latex pants. They are a great choice if you do not like form fitting clothing.

Some women have bulky figure with wider waist and hips. Pair your pants with a long and lose top to hide the curves. Long and lose top also help to accentuate your long legs.

Do not go overboard with leather. Do not wear other leather accessories, jacket, or boots with the pants. The only exception is when you intend to go with the punk rocker or biker look with motorcycle leather pants.

The Style and Functionality of a Waist Pack for Women

Today more than ever, women are leaving the home with a large array of items. Not only the traditional things like keys or a wallet, but also the modern necessities that are now designed to be portable. This includes cells phones, electronic organizers, music players, and other needed items. It all adds up to a bulky load. Some women will use a purse or backpack to carry all these things.

However, there is another, more convenient option.
A waist bag is a perfect way to stay prepared and organized. Women no longer need to be encumbered by bulky purses. A waist bag will allow both arms to be free. This will make everyday tasks such as shopping, walking, and carrying out transactions easier. If one has experienced any back, neck, or shoulder pain, a heavy purse could be to blame. Having too much weight on one side of the body can strain the muscles. This can lead to misalignment, which may have to be treated by a professional.

Waist bags come in many styles and designs. One is sure to find the perfect pack. Some popular materials are leather and nylon, due to their durability. The number and size of the pockets and compartments vary, depending on the pack. Some will have many pockets for keeping items, while others may have fewer but larger sections. Newer packs have special sections for electronics, such as music players or cell phones. The waist strap of many packs will be intended for most sizes, though extending bands can be purchased for added comfort.

When looking for the best waist bag, there are a few things to keep in mind. If possible, inspect the pack for durability. Actually open and close the compartments, tug on the zipper, and investigate the seams. Any looseness or gaps can lead to future problems. Consider the specific items one wishes to carry. Be sure the pack will be able to carry all these things securely. The pack should fit properly and comfortably. Check the measurements provided by the manufacturer, or try wearing the pack.

A waist pack can add comfort, convenience, and organization to one’s life. Women will benefit from having full range of motion while keeping their possessions on hand. Try out a stylish waist pack today!

The Importance Of Good Golf Shoes

Men’s Golf Shoes are popular nowadays. These have the qualities that one golfer should need when he is going for a golf activity. These are so popular that large and small shoe making companies come out with their own versions of men’s golf shoes. So take the following advice and you’ll be comfortable in your shoes when you head on your next golf vacation.

Mens golf shoes are equally important to match a man’s golf club or what he wears. These affect the performance of a golfer. No golfer would want his perfect shot to be ruined because he slipped when he was swinging his golf club. Or he could not concentrate on his game because his feet are soaked with water because of the wet golf course.

Men’s golf shoes may be expensive at first, but you will find it is a good investment for your golfing needs. You may need two or three pieces depending on what kind of field you are playing in but, nevertheless, you will find these very attractive.

When you look for a pair of men’s golf shoes, you would definitely want some guidance. Be sure that these shoes fit you perfectly. You would not want to get a size that is smaller than your feet because these might hurt and a size that is too large for your feet since these may be left behind when you walk. Look for a pair of shoes that are waterproof but will not feel stiff as well. Waterproof pairs of men’s golf shoes will ensure that you will not have to worry about your feet being wet, your shoes being soaked up, or even worry about athlete’s foot afterwards. Waterproof shoes would also ensure that you will be able to use these for a longer period of time compared to those that have no resistance to water.

A common denominator between men’s golf shoes is the presence of studs. Early versions of golf shoes made use of metal studs so that there will be better traction for the golfer’s feet. Yet the course owners were weary that their landscaping would be destroyed because of the use of these metal studs. There was a time that there was a ban on using studs, but recent developments showed that golfers can use shoes with rubberized studs. These still provide the traction needed but without the hassle of carrying with them pieces of soil.

The Emergence of Trendy Baby Girl Clothing

The 21st century has dawned on a new generation of families who seem to value their individuality much more than their parents did in the past. Back then, parents worked hard to dress their children according to society’s accepted standards of fashion, and children’s clothing reflected this attitude. The manner of dress used to reflect conformity rather than individuality. Parents today are projecting this individualism onto their children, and they’re dressing them up in ways that reflect their own personal values and sense of style.

As this trend has spread through our society, a new industry has been born. High fashion designers are no longer focused only on adult clothes, they’re expanding into the market for trendy baby girl clothing, and they’re making a fortune. Some fashion boutiques and department stores have become specialty outlets and only sell trendy children’s clothing. The times seem to have really changed, and it doesn’t seem like the historical norm will be returning anytime soon.

One thing that hasn’t changed in this transformation of children’s clothing styles is the higher price for designer products. Uniquely styled clothing lines have historically commanded more money than carbon copy apparel, and this hasn’t changed with the emergence of a new market. This makes it very difficult for parents with tight budgets to purchase new designer styles.

As children grow out of their fashionable outfits, their folks have to decide if it’s wise to replace them with another high-priced ensemble, or if they should hit the resale shop and hunt for a bargain. They need to find a balance between the two extremes.

They could purchase a few trendy items for special occasions and go to their local thrift shop to buy every day wear. This seems to work pretty well for most people who like to keep a well-stocked wardrobe for their kids. Designers of children’s clothes today need to find ways of lowering their prices to bring them more into line with the market, but we shouldn’t hold our breath until they do.

String Bikini Girls Who Switch To Tankini Swimwear Designs

We’re here at the International String Bikini Girls contest interviewing the contestants about to compete in this year’s event and also talking with the previous year’s winners. There’s anticipation in the tropical air as Randy Horner, our international correspondent approaches the contestants:

Randy Horner: Candy, I understand you’re one of the top contenders for winning first prize in this year’s String Bikini Girls contest. What’s brought you this far in your career?

Candy: Well Randy, it’s all about dedication to internal metaphysical concepts that permit the flow of energy from the subconscious to extend outwardly to the fleshly shell of our impermanent bodies. It’s while forgetting the path of a career that a truly fulfilling lifestyle can emerge in harmony with nature and the true self, which is in fact nonexistent, but one with the universal everything that is all nothing.

Randy Horner: Ahhhaaa…thanks….and now…Angelica, how do you feel about your chances of winning this year’s String Bikini Girl’s contest?

Angelica: That’s something all of us have given much thought to, Randy. It really comes down to the principals of ying yang where there is neither good or evil but a blend of the two that is by nature part of us all and yet without an individual “I”. After discussing this with the other contestants, we all agree that it’s not about winning a title or failing to do so, but about the journey each of us girls takes as we walk the path toward our eventual physical demise.

Randy Horner: Ahhh…ya….and now…let’s move on…and have a word with last year’s winner. Miss, Mandy, I notice that you’re not attired in a bikini as you were last year. What has causes you to switch from being a Bikini Girl to a Tankini Swimwear promoter?

Mandy: My switch from the string bikini in favor of tankini swimwear designs has been a natural evolution toward the freedom of movement that was previously restricted by strings that crept into places that were difficult to adjust in public. With the newest tankini swimwear styles, I’ve become more actively involved in …almost everything… instead of being a mere spectator or life. I felt that while I was a bikini girl, I was inhibited, and therefore was in need of exposing myself to prove I was free. Yet, now that I know I’m free,

I can choose to cover myself and still retain the sense of liberation that nudity was unable to proffer.

Randy Horner: Aha…right…and…oh…I see the first string bikini girls have taken their places on stage, but there’s some kind of commotion. It appears the judges are about to expel one of the contestants who is….just a minute…yes, it’s true. They claim she’s inappropriately attired in a tankini swimwear outfit that offers full frontal coverage of the abdomen…aha…that’s it. I’m approaching the scene now, and …yes…….the contestant wearing a tankini has been disqualified…

Pros & Cons of the Strapless Bra

Every woman should have a strapless bra in her wardrobe. They are essential when you need support without wanting to show off bra straps, perhaps when wearing an evening gown or a top with spaghetti straps. See through straps on bras are another option, but they are never as invisible as you would like. And unless you are small chested, don’t even think about going braless. A bra is needed for modesty and to improve shape and cleavage.

On the downside they are typically more pricey than normal bras and can leave women feeling bare and exposed. If you choose to wear one, don’t feel self conscious – be confident with your sexy new look. As they are designed to form fit the women who wear them, designing a practical bra has been a challenge for manufacturers due to the variations of women’s shapes and sizes. Often either too big or too small, some women tend to fall in between available sizes and the bra does not provide the correct fit. This results in the bra slipping down or falling off entirely. See our buying guidebelow to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Some strapless bras can also be uncomfortable due to the boning and elastic required to hold them in place. Check out our top picks above for those tried and tested for comfort.

Strapless Bra Buying Guide To Find The Perfect Fit

A correctly fitting strapless bra should be horizontal across the chest and not ride up in the back. The bra should be firm but comfortable and not dig into the chest or breast areas. The underwire should lie flat in the front against the sternum and the cups should enclose the breasts with a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup ends. The nipple must be centered in the cup and the breast should not bulge out over the tops or sides. The back of the strapless bra should not ride up but remain parallel to the ground and support the breasts with the band around the rib cage. And, the wearer should be able to breathe and move easily without the bra slipping or falling down.

Don’t miss out …
… on these wonderful bras. They have come on a long way to ensure your comfort and modesty. Don’t keep them for special occasions – buy now to feel sexy and free every day.