Sleeping Wear for Infants

Are you unsure what to consider, buying sleeping wear for your baby? In this article I will summarize the most important things to think about when buying.
Buying baby clothes is very stimulating. There are a lot of nice clothes to choose from and in the department for baby clothes you often hear “aah” from other parents as they discover clothes they find lovely.

The most common criterion for selecting baby clothes is appearance. Color and design are important aspects. Here it would be in place to think about some other features as well. Safety, comfort – for parents and for children, isolation, material and more.

The main purpose of sleeping wear is to keep your baby warm when sleeping. Another important function of sleeping wear is fire security. Some parents prefer using sleeping bags and the like which are impregnated and made of fire safe materials. Other parents don’t like to use these materials while they have too much chemicals in them. You have to choose for yourself.

Although the main objective of sleeping wear is to keep the body warm, it’s important to ensure that your baby doesn’t get too warm. Overheating is a serious problem with infants. Actually, investigations show that only a few degrees too hot dramatically increases the risk of sudden infant death. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure your infant isn’t overheating.

Normally when buying baby clothes, it’s recommended to buy bigger clothes than you presently need. An infant grows very fast and therefore bigger clothes can be used a longer time.
With sleeping wear it’s different. When the sleeping wear is too big, the baby can’t heat all air in the sleeping wear up. Another problem is that loose sleeping clothes are considered dangerous in case of fire. To reduce the risk of getting burned in case of a fire, the clothes should fit tight on the body.

Hand covers:
Infants often have sharp finger nails. To prevent the infant from scratching itself, buy sleeping wear with hand covers. Another benefit of hand covers is that they make sure the baby’s hands are kept warm.

Often parents buy fleece material for their children because it can keep the heat well. This is true but it could be in place to think about cotton as well. Cotton can keep warmth as well and is better to use directly on the skin. Cotton also soak up all moisture from the childs skin.

It’s recommended to have a few sets of sleeping wear, since you have to wash it often. 3-4 sets would be useful.

There are a lot of different brands for baby clothes. You can find basically all of them on the internet. Another option would be to buy second hand clothes. On the internet there exist a lot of market places for second hand clothes too. Ebay would be one of them.

Studies show that older parents, parents that are getting a child when they are 30-40 years old, prefer buying brand name clothing for their children. The reason for this is that these parents already have come a long way in their carreer building and therefore also have more money to spend on their child. Younger parents tend to buy more second hand clothes.

It doesn’t really matter what you choose. Just remember that an infant or small child will outgrow their clothes in a very short time. Never forget to consider the safety aspects when buying baby clothes and most important – never let your child overheat!

Round Cribs

Conventional cribs are normally rectangular in shape and with corners. Baby bedding and accessories easily fit the shape of rectangular cribs as they are more common and easy to find in the market and thus less expensive.

There are some parents though who would consider buying round ones. Round cribs are gaining popularity in nursery rooms as some parents find it easier to move around the furniture without corners.

Cribs of this shape have a modern look to them and quite sophisticated as well. A little heads-up though, these may come a little bit expensive for parents although they are made of the same solid woodwork and beautiful intricate patterns on the edges.

Since they have a very atypical shape, round-shaped ones may have to take the center stage and can be the added attraction to the nursery room.

Some of the designs may have a canopy from which you can hang mobile toys at the appropriate stage of your baby’s growth. You can also place right there some bug net for added protection to your baby. The crib can also have a drop side, two mattress heights and caster wheels pretty much like the traditional rectangle cribs.

Other designs would have finials or upright posts which you could dress up with stuffed toy such as jungle animals or plants or you can have them plain and regular – that whichever suits your taste. This look also takes us back to classic kinds of cribs hence it is heirloom-quality and make for good keeping for a long time.

Depending on the kind of material your baby’s crib is made, look for the support that it can give to your child. Iron-wrought designs are not bad; they may actually prove sturdier and sustainable in the nursery room. It can give an old-fashioned but elegant look to your crib with some graceful carvings and beautiful curls which do not necessarily overpower the nursery room theme but only add to the charm of classic appeal.

Many other cribs of the same shape have light-inducing quality that only stimulates the visual simulation for your baby. Thus while it is proven useful, it is also helpful for your child. Here you can add toys and educational stuff to encourage your child to learn these things slowly and carefully. Other materials also claim to be organic and environmentally-friendly. Although you may need to add a little bit more, it is always worth the price health and environment-wise. If this is on your list of qualities you are looking for in addition to the shape, then it would be your best investment.

Buying a crib is like trying to create the personality for your baby. If you have introduced these concepts to him early on, it will not be surprising to find that he will grow up to be the one you intended him to be.

Mother Child

The first few hours after birth when the child is right in his mother’s arms is the initial stage of mother and child bond. This first link between mother and child is said to establish relationship and teaches the child the value of trust and intimacy. It is soon going to progress as the mother breastfeeds and care for her child involving physical touch and the emotional aspects like caring and loving. There is a deep sense of attachment taking place from that moment on.

Although there may be some reason why a mother cannot be with her child such as complications after the delivery or that the child may require medical isolation such as premature birth.

However the first six months of the child’s development are the crucial times for him to have the physical touch and emotional care of his mother. The mom can build up on the bond with her child by attending to his needs every day. It only strengthens the trust from the child and will last for a long time if this is established from early on. This unique pattern of attachment carries on until the child becomes a toddler. As her starts to explore the bigger things around him, he may need the reassurance of that trust which was built earlier in his life. He goes to find things that may hurt him in the process and knowing that there is somebody he could trust, would usually go to his mother from whom he has learned trust and dependency.

It is this knowledge that will help him trust his own strengths and capabilities with the understanding that his mother is right behind him all the time. An expert says of a theory that this form of early trust will become the ubiquitous paradigm of all his relationships throughout his life. Whatever it is that he has picked up from his mother will become foundational. That is why it is quite vital that this is being taken into account by the mother.

On the contrary, depriving the child with a parental touch – most especially from his mother – can be critical to the child’s development as an individual and may interfere with the social skills for when he grows up. He may think that it is normal to let other people down on a systemic way. Clearly, you may have met people who have relationship issues and are troubled with intimacy and deeper level of trust. This person you know may have gone through a period when his mother did not spend so much time with him.

Other reasons could be worse to imagine but it is evident in the actions and ways he treats a relationship.

Hand Made Baby Sets

There are many types of baby sets available for consumer purchase.  Parents can find baby layette and clothing sets for bargain prices at local department stores or a more high-end fashion can be chosen for baby from well-known designers such as Ralph Lauren, Ed Hardy, Kate Mack, and Gap.  While these are all viable choices depending on taste and budget there is another option, hand made clothing.  I am not suggesting the purchase and production of clothing in the home by parents, while that is also an option, but rather of the purchase of quality and beautifully designed and constructed clothing by individuals.  These sets will be not only some of the most beautiful pieces in baby’s closet but they will also be one of a kind pieces.

Many local and little known designers make infant, toddler, and children’s lines that are available in local clothing stores or at their private shops.  Other designers work on commission, meaning they design only what is specifically ordered by their clients allowing the parent to have input into baby’s wardrobe. These designers can be found in rural and metropolitan areas alike so privately made clothing is really not as hard to find as one might think.

Not only are hand made baby clothes easy to find, they tend to be more durable than department store brands and most designer labels.  The reason for this is simple…pride.  Designers that make this type of clothing are not part of a national or designer chain and they personally make each stitch and create every piece taking great pride in their work.  Most hand made clothing can be passed down through generations of a family and is still as beautiful, and in tact, after fifty years as when it was worn the first time.

Privately made clothing is unique as well as beautiful and durable.  No two pieces are exactly the same as most private designers make only one of each baby set and move one to their next design.  While they may follow the same pattern, the colors and appliqué tend to vary greatly throughout the line, guaranteeing parents not to find three babies at daycare with he same outfit, their baby will be the only one with that particular piece.  Typically, privately made baby clothing will be the most unique choice available to parents at a reasonable cost.

While there are several types of baby sets available in today’s market, hand sewn clothing is perhaps the most viable choice.  This type of clothing is versatile as well as beautiful, unique and durable, and allows the parent, in some cases, to choose patterns, colors, designs, and appliqués for their baby’s clothes.  Their beauty and durability has been known to last through the ages and be worn by generations within the same family and in most cases being admired until the day it is put in the “hope chest” or “memory box” for the next child to wear.  Hand made baby sets are definitely the right choice for sentiment and long lasting wear.  Each parent must decide what fits their particular sense of style and budget before purchasing baby clothing but hand made clothes are a great option.

Disney Baby Clothing

Disney Baby Clothing is adorable,comfortable and affordable to say non the lease. If you’re not a Disney character fan you will be after seeing these oh so cute Disney Baby clothes that are available. They have girl and boy baby wear and they also have girl and boy toddler wear.

For baby girls clothing needs they carry Marie sleepers, Minnie mouse body suits, and Winnie The Pooh body suits.They also carry Minnie Mouse bibs and Minnie Mouse sandals. The Marie sleeper is made out of full length cotton,with a suit length zipper and easy snap tabs. This lovely baby girl attire also has the Arista Cats featuring in pink.The Minnie Mouse body suit is a soft durable jersey outfit made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton, with shoulder and bottom snaps. The Winnie The Pooh bodysuit is made of 100% cotton,with shoulder and leg snaps,ruffled trim and embroidered accents.

They have all character wear to support all of your Disney Baby wear needs.For our little gentlemen they carry Mickey Mouse Sleeper for infants,Mickey Mouse body suit for infants and Nemo body suits for infants. They also have all of your other character clothing choices available for your beautiful boy baby.Their Mickey sleeper is made of cotton,has a full length zipper,and easy tab snaps. This little outfit comes in blue.As far as the Mickey mouse body suit it comes in yellow and blue with Mickey Mouse art.Is made of 70% polyester and 30 % cotton for comfortability.

It also has easy bottom snaps. for your changing needs. Then there is the little Nemo infant body suit,this outfit screams of orange and blue for Nemo colors. This outfit is made from 100% cotton with leg and shoulder snaps. They Disney Baby clothes wear line also carries blue Mickey Mouse sandals for all of your Mickey Mouse clothes matching needs.

I simply love the Disney Baby clothes wear line and I use it for all of my infants clothing needs. They simply have so much to choose from. Shopping out of the Disney Baby Clothes wear gives you a lot of variety in size,color texture of clothing and character. So weather your infant likes Nemo or Mickey Mose/Minnie Mouse they will be well covered.


CoCaLo Baby is one of the most admired brands in baby and kids bedding and bedding sets. Not only are they known to create fashionable and classy products, they likewise pride themselves with delivering innovative designs combined with impeccable quality making it highly recommended by those who have tried and tested the items.

Reviews list down the advantages of CoCaLo Baby bedding as being durable, having good size and fit, possessing great color, exhibiting nice pattern and being soft. These, however, seem like understatements to the superiority of the brand.  For example, parents rave about the magical feel that a particular design exudes. The six-piece Daniella bedding set which includes quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, diaper stacker and window valance is a bestseller for parents with baby girls. It is said to be fit for a fairy tale princess not only because of its floral design and exquisite color palette but also because of the elegant top of the line materials used – embroidered organza, crinkled toile and tafetta.

While it is a bit pricey, you get your money’s worth because of the noted excellence in craftsmanship.

One can find a design that suits his/her taste — traditional, contemporary, playful, sophisticated, bold, simple, mystical, subdued — from among the more than twenty (20) that CoCaLo Baby offers:
Abby’s Farm
Alphabet Soup
Graham Crackers
Jungle Jingle
Lil Explorer
Mia Rose
Round ‘Em Up
Noah & Friends (new design)
Orchid Grail
Sports Fan
Snicherdoodle (new design)
Turtle Reef
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Plum
Tropical Punch

As they commit to giving their clients the best, CoCaLo further recommends dressing up your baby’s room with matching accessories – decorative lamps, night lights, switch plates, plush animals, decorative pillows, musical mobiles, ceiling décor, hampers, decorative rugs, window drapes, shelves, wall art, removable wall appliqués, wall borders. This complete and stylish look will surely make the room be a subject of a lifestyle magazine.
Even your baby will love CoCaLo Baby bedding.  As s/he grows, she creates an identity based on his/her environment and his/her baby bedding set will be a great factor in this process.

Baby’s First Clothes (Part III)

The first shoes are normally put on when the baby crawls. They have a soft sole and the purpose of the shoe is to make sure the baby doesn’t get cold feet from draft.

When the child is about one year old – when it can stand and practise walking – the shoe should have a hard sole. The shoes should be high enough to support the ankles of the child.

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying baby clothes, but basically it’s quite easy. Parents have done it since ages and it almost always went good.

Just remember that clothes are supposed to keep the baby warm and in the summer it’s also functioning as a protection against the sun.

When the child is small – infant – it’s preferable to use clothes with long sleeves. The body should be covered with clothes while the baby can’t regulate the temperature so good yet.

When the child is growing the clothing can be shorter and shorter. Always use loose clothes. That way the baby can move freely and he is going to feel more comfortable.

An exception is sleeping wear. Many parents choose to wind their babys up quite tight. That is ok when they are going to sleep. That way there is no risk of the baby getting a blanket over his head, which eventually could cause suffocation.

Use white clothes. That way you can always see how dirty the clothes are. The baby should not have to stay in dirty clothes. That is not good for his health.

With that said, I wish you a lot of fun with your small ones. Enjoy the time!

The Baby’s First Clothes (Part II)

The underskirt may very well be made out of cotton. It is used all around the year. For the hot summer months, cotton is to prefer since it has excellent capabilities of sucking the moist up from the baby’s skin. Wool and cotton are the best materials for underskirts.

Skirts are not necessary for small children. It might look good, but only adds weight on the baby.

The nightgown should be made of cotton. They should be absorbent and easy to wash. You should have several nightgowns (some recommend as many as seven). It’s also recommended to use a fresh nightgown each night during the first four or five weeks of the baby’s life.

Night drawers
When the child is getting older, typically two or three years, he will use night drawers with feet. The night drawers are usually made of cashmere or light woolen materials which are easily laundered.

They can be weared over the baby’s thin slips and when it’s cool it may be used over the nightdress. It’s important to make sure there are no way of producing friction between the night drawer and the baby’s skin as this will be a cause of irritation.

When considering slips, it’s also important to make sure that nothing can scratch or irritate the baby’s skin. This is often a cause of eczema.

Sleeping bag
A sleeping bag is of inestimable value. It provides extra and secure covering for the baby. In the first weeks a light flannel material is to prefer, but later you can simply fold a blanket in such a manner that the child cannot uncover himself.

It’s quite normal that new parents start out buying too small clothes. Too short sleeves and too small around. This is a very common ground for crying babies. If the clothes are too small, your child won’t feel comfortable. He will probably have problems sleeping when the clothes are too tight.

Another typical problem is heavy and raw seams. They irritate the baby’s skin.
It is also common that newer parents buy heavy materials where lighter ones would serve better.

An unclean garment should never be put back on the child. Sour-smelling clothes should be changed at once as the might make the baby sick.

The Baby’s First Clothes (Part I)

Today everybody seems to agree, that baby’s clothing should be as comfortable as possible. It’s important that the clothes aren’t too tight, too warm or not warm enough, else your child won’t be satisfied.

That are the two things we are going to have in mind all the time when we discuss clothes for baby’s. Comfort and heat.

The clothing material should be light and absorb moisture good. Added to that it should be able to keep the baby warm, but not too warm. The main purpose of a baby’s clothes is to keep it warm.

Different parts of the world has different clothing habits. Some like to wrap the baby in cotton, held in place by means of a roller bandage. This makes the infants look like mummies.

Other parents dress their babies in starched clothes with bright ribbon bows around its neck and on its arms. Yet other have practically nothing on, and are layed in little baskets tied to some trees, swung by the wind.

At the beginning it is wise to remember that an infant grows very fast. It takes only a few weeks to outgrow one size. Therefore, provide for the necessities only. If you realize that you need more clothes when the baby is here, you can always add that what you need.

The main purpose of a binder is to protect the abdomen from getting cold. It is normalle worn from four to six weeks. It is very important that the binder isn’t too tight. This often cause great discomfort in infants. The belly has to have room for its normal expansion at meal time.

The next thing for the baby is a shirt. This shirt can be from different materials, some prefer lightweight silk and wool shirts, some prefer cotton shirts. Buy the shirts a bit too big. That way you can use this shirt a little bit longer.

During the winter months your baby should carry thick stockings. In the summer months thinner stockings are apropriate. On extremely hot days you can put a thin cotton hose on your baby.

To ensure that the stockings stay in place on your baby, fasten the stockings to the diaper with safety pins. Secon-year children can use hose supporters attached to the waist.

In the colder months the infant or small child should wear booties on top of the stockings. You should have enough of these so that the child may have clean booties every day.

Baby Furniture Sets

Our parents in their generation of young parenthood may have gone through mixing and matching stuff to complete a set of furniture in the nursery.

Separate pieces of items and materials that do not necessarily complement each other could have been fine in those days.

This is not to say that those things of the past are horrible or not acceptable now. With the advent of more design ideas and coordinating items together, it is much easier to buy for instance a fabric material that follows a certain theme or hue in the nursery room.

This is due in part with more methodical approach to suit the lifestyle of busy parents and especially for a child geared up for a more quality kind of life.

What does baby furniture set consist of then?

First you may have to have the most important centerpiece in the nursery room which is the crib or the cot. A crib itself comes in a set of eights, nines or perhaps even more. This is the most fun part for would-be parents to go shop for the theme, the colors that go with the rest of the nursery room, considering the comfort and the child-friendliness of the materials and so on.

Dresser or the chest drawers also come as part of the nursery room. This is where most of the baby’s stuff is stored. This is where you keep in categories, if you may like, your baby’s socks, sleepwear, everyday clothes, crib mattress sheets or curtains for the nursery room. Some toys may also go on the top of the cupboard or inside the drawers to keep it from collecting dust.

Some dressers too have a changing table which is pretty convenient for the parents. It can be folded away or as part of the top cupboard which can be wide enough to hold the baby all in one. Make sure though that the dresser is the right height for a changing table.

There are some crib sets that you will find in the market which have bottom layer drawers. This is convenient for space-saving parents who would like a two-in-one kind of item in the nursery room. The drawers which have the wardrobe underneath should be able to support heavy beddings and constant movements of the baby. The cot bed should not sink in to the wardrobe and that they are baby-friendly to avoid accidents and injuries that this may invite.

As for the make of your furniture set, it is always wise to keep in mind that solid wood is a very good investment although they can come quite expensive on your budget. More affordable pieces comprise of a combination of wood and painted panels that provide the same kind of function.