String Bikini Girls Who Switch To Tankini Swimwear Designs

We’re here at the International String Bikini Girls contest interviewing the contestants about to compete in this year’s event and also talking with the previous year’s winners. There’s anticipation in the tropical air as Randy Horner, our international correspondent approaches the contestants:

Randy Horner: Candy, I understand you’re one of the top contenders for winning first prize in this year’s String Bikini Girls contest. What’s brought you this far in your career?

Candy: Well Randy, it’s all about dedication to internal metaphysical concepts that permit the flow of energy from the subconscious to extend outwardly to the fleshly shell of our impermanent bodies. It’s while forgetting the path of a career that a truly fulfilling lifestyle can emerge in harmony with nature and the true self, which is in fact nonexistent, but one with the universal everything that is all nothing.

Randy Horner: Ahhhaaa…thanks….and now…Angelica, how do you feel about your chances of winning this year’s String Bikini Girl’s contest?

Angelica: That’s something all of us have given much thought to, Randy. It really comes down to the principals of ying yang where there is neither good or evil but a blend of the two that is by nature part of us all and yet without an individual “I”. After discussing this with the other contestants, we all agree that it’s not about winning a title or failing to do so, but about the journey each of us girls takes as we walk the path toward our eventual physical demise.

Randy Horner: Ahhh…ya….and now…let’s move on…and have a word with last year’s winner. Miss, Mandy, I notice that you’re not attired in a bikini as you were last year. What has causes you to switch from being a Bikini Girl to a Tankini Swimwear promoter?

Mandy: My switch from the string bikini in favor of tankini swimwear designs has been a natural evolution toward the freedom of movement that was previously restricted by strings that crept into places that were difficult to adjust in public. With the newest tankini swimwear styles, I’ve become more actively involved in …almost everything… instead of being a mere spectator or life. I felt that while I was a bikini girl, I was inhibited, and therefore was in need of exposing myself to prove I was free. Yet, now that I know I’m free,

I can choose to cover myself and still retain the sense of liberation that nudity was unable to proffer.

Randy Horner: Aha…right…and…oh…I see the first string bikini girls have taken their places on stage, but there’s some kind of commotion. It appears the judges are about to expel one of the contestants who is….just a minute…yes, it’s true. They claim she’s inappropriately attired in a tankini swimwear outfit that offers full frontal coverage of the abdomen…aha…that’s it. I’m approaching the scene now, and …yes…….the contestant wearing a tankini has been disqualified…

Pros & Cons of the Strapless Bra

Every woman should have a strapless bra in her wardrobe. They are essential when you need support without wanting to show off bra straps, perhaps when wearing an evening gown or a top with spaghetti straps. See through straps on bras are another option, but they are never as invisible as you would like. And unless you are small chested, don’t even think about going braless. A bra is needed for modesty and to improve shape and cleavage.

On the downside they are typically more pricey than normal bras and can leave women feeling bare and exposed. If you choose to wear one, don’t feel self conscious – be confident with your sexy new look. As they are designed to form fit the women who wear them, designing a practical bra has been a challenge for manufacturers due to the variations of women’s shapes and sizes. Often either too big or too small, some women tend to fall in between available sizes and the bra does not provide the correct fit. This results in the bra slipping down or falling off entirely. See our buying guidebelow to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Some strapless bras can also be uncomfortable due to the boning and elastic required to hold them in place. Check out our top picks above for those tried and tested for comfort.

Strapless Bra Buying Guide To Find The Perfect Fit

A correctly fitting strapless bra should be horizontal across the chest and not ride up in the back. The bra should be firm but comfortable and not dig into the chest or breast areas. The underwire should lie flat in the front against the sternum and the cups should enclose the breasts with a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup ends. The nipple must be centered in the cup and the breast should not bulge out over the tops or sides. The back of the strapless bra should not ride up but remain parallel to the ground and support the breasts with the band around the rib cage. And, the wearer should be able to breathe and move easily without the bra slipping or falling down.

Don’t miss out …
… on these wonderful bras. They have come on a long way to ensure your comfort and modesty. Don’t keep them for special occasions – buy now to feel sexy and free every day.

Nylon Socks – When and Wear to Wear Them

Nylon socks are hosiery made of nylon that is worn on the feet, directly on the skin. There are different lengths of socks available and different qualities of nylon that the socks are made of. Nylon socks are readily available for purchase and the prices differ according to the quality of the nylon and the design of the socks themselves. These socks are worn on different occasions depending on their length and what kind of nylon has been used to make them.

Nylon as a Material

Nylon is a fabric that is made of artificially made nylon fiber; the material is extremely soft but also extremely strong. The manufacture of nylon can be manipulated to make different qualities of the material. The important properties of the material – its elasticity and its softness – are present in all types of nylon, but in different degrees.

The properties of nylon make it the right fabric to make socks with. Nylon socks are worn for their elastic property and their unequaled comfort. They are great to wear with sneakers or other closed shoes, as they are extremely comfortable; they can also be worn with open shoes or slippers as a fashion statement because many of the socks available today are great to look at.

Different Lengths of Socks

The style of the socks you wear depends on the length of the socks. There are different lengths in socks available – ranging from bare socks that make your feet look like they do not have any socks on, to socks that reach up to your mid-thigh. Each of these socks is worn for different occasions.

Bare socks are great to wear with open shoes when you need some sort of cover for your feet but the kind of shoes you’re wearing don’t look so great with socks. Ankle length socks are also worn with shoes – or slippers – or just to keep your feet warm. Calf-length or knee-length socks can be worn outdoors or when you’re playing sports. If the socks are good looking, you can even show them off with a great pair of shoes. Anything that’s above the knees keeps your legs warm in cold weather.