Maintenance Services

If you are not going to update and maintain your website, you really can’t expect much from it”

Maintaining a website can be a lot more effort intensive compared to designing and hosting it.

If you would like to focus more on your core area of expertise and not spend a bulk of your time maintaining your website, we can do it for you.

Listed below are a few of the important aspects of web site maintenance :

1. Content Management
Content management includes not just written content but also graphic content and links, all of these if not updated can begin to diminish the value of the website

2. Functionality Monitoring and Maintenance
The web behaves like an evolving organism, change is rapid and progressive, Web browsers are constantly adding features and new standards are being developed, staying abreast can help your site gain a competitive advantage. We also constantly monitor existing functionality for any malfunctions.

3. Customer feedback and support systems
We can help you collect and catalog customer feedback for easy analysis, we also provide automated / manual response services for you visitors.

4. Web promotions and advertising 
As we update and maintain your site we can also strategically position them in various search engines and link it with other sites of related interest for higher traffic.

To avail the above services or parts thereof please fill the following and our reprentative will get in touch with you