Current Mens Fashion

Men can also become very trendy just like women. In fact, finding clothes that would suit them is not that hard because they do not have to consider the many physical features like women do that sometimes becomes a hindrance or an asset of a body. Aside from that, there are no major changes and if there are, those are very minimal, in the style men don all throughout the year.

Mens clothing fashion is simple, elegant and practical. They can come up with a complete look in no time by only wearing the basics in everyday life like shirts, jeans and pair of easy going shoes. Unlike women, there is no need for them to coordinate their style to their hair or their dress to their shoes. Of course, for one to be classed as a well dressed man, he needs to pull together a look that is unique through his choice of colours, materials and accessories.

There are many male fashion magazines that list some of the essentials in men’s fashion. Current fashion includes jackets that come in various types of styles. There is the inevitable leather one that looks good with a number of styles of jeans such as plain, ripped, bootleg etc. The much anticipated parker coat is now again back in fashion for this autumn and winter season. It’s the kind of coat that always seems to come back into fashion like a boomerang.

In recent times, there has been so much focus on the details of menswear. For one, a lightweight scarf is considered as an authentic accessory now for men. This is usually made out of cotton or silk and unlike the knitted wool scarf, its function is not primarily to keep warm but just to keep the chill away and look highly fashionable.

In formal occasions, a new fad is making a buzz and it’s the shawl neck collar. It is basically not new to the world of fashion because it is seen on everything from polo shirts, blazers and suiting but again it’s an item of clothing that is always coming back again and again into fashion just like recently we have seen the 80s-90s come back into menswear.

Lastly, colorful knitwear is setting its way to the colour trend. It gives a new meaning to knitwears which are usually branded as boring and old school but with the bright colors, surely men would want to wear them even in summer and spring time and again we are about to see a new trend hit the world.

To keep up with the latest fashion in your region of the world, check out the latest fashion blogs online or the latest issues of men’s fashion magazines.

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