Different types of Dance Clothing for Men

Sleek Pants and V-Neck Shirt for Latin Dance

Dances like Samba, Flamenco, and Salsa have alluring dance steps that men have to wear fitting, glossy pants and formal, v-neck top to exude sensuality. Latin dances often involve man and woman together; thus, the costumes garbed by the male dancers have outlandish styles to assimilate the attires of their partners.

Hip Costumes for Freestyle Dance

Since dance denotes independence, a male dancer has the freedom to choose his attire in accordance to the dance’s music. Usually, comfortable t-shirt or polo is the garment garbed on the top. Conversely, denim or khaki pants are the apparels for the bottom. Costumes are less formal than other types of dance.

Cowboy Outfit for Country Dance

This western dance has a county feel in it that male dancers garb themselves with cowboy outfit. Folded long-sleeve top and denim pants are used. Moreover, they wear leather cowboy boots and rodeo hats for masculine appearance while they dance to the rhythm of country music.

Formal Clothes for Ballroom Dance

Dances like waltz, tango, and foxtrot are too formal that dancers have to wear decent apparels. Men should wear pleated pants and suit. It may be accessorized with a long or bow tie. Male dancers can check out dance wear online for variations in options; especially concerning the size, color and style.

Wide-legged Trouser and Shirt for Swing Dance

This dance became popular during 1970s wherein the famous clothing then were wide-legged trousers partnered with a shirt. To muse over that dance craze, men wear these as costumes for swing dances like Jitterbug, Jive and Charleston.

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