Long Black Pencil Skirt

When pencil skirts were first boldly introduced in the fashion scene during the 40’s, the trend was easily embraced by women because of its functionality, comfort and sophisticated appeal. Soon after, more variations of this fashion trend were developed and options for different styles of pencil skirts became plentiful. While most pencil skirts fall just at the knee level, some women feel more comfortable with the ones of greater lengths. The classic arrive and enduring style of long black pencil skirts makes this fashion item a must-have for every closet.

The relaxed and elegant style long black pencils hold fascinates a lot of women. As pencil skirts are known to flatter any body figure and flaunt on great-looking legs, these longer versions are made for those with curvy legs most women want to hide. If there are areas of your body you are concerned about, balancing it out by adding volume on the upper half of your body – – – perhaps a dressy blouse of lighter shade, an eye catching accessory is perfect to easily work out the look. The numerous ways of sporting this skirt always create an elegant arrive. As black is highly versatile, these long pencil skirts could be teamed up with tops of various materials of different hues, from chiffon to satin, velvet, knitted and many other selections to create varying effects. Dress shirts are best for the classic look, and could be a good office wear. The heavy materials like wool, when worn with this skirt, are very much appropriate for cooler climates. Pairing long pencil skirts with a floral top or any printed top spices up the look for a more lively appeal. The simpler the shoes, the better to pull off this look. Too strappy sandals or gladiators may cut the lines of your legs and ruin the slender look.

The selection of long black pencils in clothing stores and online shops are plentiful. This fashion piece could grace every woman’s wardrobe. The ultimate comfort experienced when wearing long pencils are most loved by women. While it embraces the lines of your body, it doesn’t constrict in any way and the woman stays comfortable. What could be more sophisticated than a long black pencil skirt beautifully hugging your body curves? This classic had gone beyond passing trends and with no doubt at all, would always have a special place in a woman’s heart – and closet.

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