Mens Skate Hoodies

Mens skate hoodies are the uniform of choice for skateboarders everywhere. They are lightweight but warm and the hood helps keep the skater dry in drizzles and cool weather, neither of which is worth missing a good skate session over. Apart from the protection offered, mens skate hoodies have become popular by young people who idolize the gracefulness, fearlessness and ingenuity of urban athletes. In other words, mens skate hoodies are just plain cool looking and they make the people who wear them look cool too.

All the popular brand names make hoodies. Nike, American Eagle and Hollister enjoy free advertising when people buy and wear their hoodies. Most of the time the manufacturer’s name is blazed across the hoodie but sometimes a particular color or logo is used to identify the name brand. These hoodies cost about $20 for a basic lightweight hoodie. Faux fur lining may raise the cost to $50.

Companies that also support charities manufacture other hoodies. There are even a great variety of band hoodies available that everyone loves sporting around town. Paramore, a band, designed hoodies in collaboration with Hurley based on the bands album RIOT!. These top of the line hoodies cost about $60 but part of the proceeds go to support love 146 foundation. The love 146 foundation has the sole goal of ending child sex trafficking. Buy a hoodie, save a child. Their efforts are truly commended to end modern day slavery and forcing young adults and children into labor or sexual exploitation. Not only do they go after it, they also attempt to restore survivors from such indecencies.

It’s only natural though for companies and bands and organizations alike to use hoodies as a means of fundraising, they are very popular garments world-wide. And if they can link them together for a better purpose, then so be it and everyone benefits as long as the cost doesn’t increase.

Genuine mens skate hoodies are designed and made by sponsors of skate competitions. Volcom, Emerica, Habitat and Bones are a few of the genuine brand names in skate hoodies.

Volcom was founded by skaters for skaters. Their logo is a pointed two-toned stone that appears on all their products. Their motto is “Youth Against Establishment”. What makes Volcom truly special is their efforts to make skate competitions free to all kids. Currently, competitors need sponsors willing to pay the entrance fees. Volcom hoodies range in price from $40 to about $80. They have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from and some with completely killer graphics.

Emerica is known as one of the all time best skate teams ever. They only produce a few hoodies, as their main products are skate shoes. Jerry Hsu is a teammate that has earned his own Hsu Ringleader Zip hoodie. Emerica hoodies will cost between $40 and $50.

Habitat hoodies prominently display the Habitat for Humanity logo. Habitat hoodies come in earthy tones and heavy weight cotton/polyester blends. Habitat hoodies cost around $60 because of their heavy weight fabric.

The crossed bones on every garment distinguish Bones hoodies. The hoodies are black and on the bones are various faces. These hoodies cost around $50 and are noted for their regular fit.

Many hoodies might be considered skate hoodies. Genuine mens skate hoodies are specific brands that sponsor skate competitions. Sales of these brands support various charities but more importantly the support the competitions that have made skateboarders famous and skateboarding a respected sport.

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