Mens Urban Hoodies

Some fashion accessories always hold their charm and appeal for men. Take for instance, mens urban hoodies. During the chilly winter months, when you want to have a stylish and trendy protective layering to your fashionable outfit then this option is definitely going to spring to your mind. Apart from the style quotient these hoodies are extremely comfortable to wear and do not make you feel suffocated. Obviously, the choices of individuals vary and based upon the varying preferences, different styles and colors are available in the market. There are zip-ups that are provided with some of the hoodies while some have other alternative arrangements like standard pullovers or even laced. Again the zippers might be just at the region around the neck or they might extend the entire length from the neckline to the lower portion of the dress. Again, many people cannot even consider wearing a hoodie without a pocket and for others pocket is not that essential.

If we want to trace the history of a hoodie, its inception can be tracked way back in decades to the 30’s. Technically speaking, the concept of a hoodie though was prevalent even earlier. The Catholic monks were observed to have worn hoodies during the ancient Middle Ages. However, the modern day mens urban hoodies can be said to have begun its journey way back when from standard warehouse laborers in super extreme cold conditions in New York. The company that used to manufacture these hoodies was known as Champion. So, they can be credited to be the first company with the production of urban hoodies. The real extensive use of the hoodies began in the 70s. At that time, the hip-hop trend was in vogue and this outfit was aptly worn to portray that image.

However, some negative aspects were also pointed out with the rampant use of these hoods. These hoods provided the scope for anonymity and people could easily hide or mask their faces while doing any unlawful activities. Many troubled areas of the U.S., which were notorious for criminal activities, were selling these mens urban hoodies like hot cakes. At that time many reputed and acclaimed designers stepped in and added their own ingenuous ideas to make these hoodies more acceptable and glamorous in front of the general public. The popularity of these outfits in the decent strata of society also increased because of this, as the stigma that was associated was erased to an extent, however the plain black hoodies still remain a criminal element favorite as it’s very prevelant in most news stories almost daily.

During this same time a film was released which later went on to become a chartbuster, named Rocky. Sylvester Stallone went on to become the American idol, the pin-up boy and his image as Rocky wearing a hoodie was etched in the minds of the audience at that time. It reflected the fighting spirit of the American working class, the downtrodden, and the deprived yet honest athletes and sportsmen.

Mens urban hoodies are comparatively less popular in the European nations than in U.S. Many similar incidents of shoplifting and robberies have been reported by wearing these outfits, and there are even specifically earmarked no-hoodies zones present.

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