Orange Sweatpants: The Athletic Advantage

If your school or sports team has the color orange as one of your spirit colors, or if you just happen to like orange on an individual basis, then you should consider (if you haven’t already) buying a few pairs of orange sweatpants to wear when you exercise, practice, or warm up.

Sweatpants themselves have been used for a number of years by athletes, and traditionally, they come in dull shades such as gray. But today, sweatpants are worn as casual house wear or pajamas, and they have since been made available in a wide range of colors.

If you just want orange sweatpants for their comfort around the house, that is fine. They certainly are comfortable, and you are in company with a whole lot of people.

But if you are considering orange sweatpants so that you can wear them during some sport or physical activity, you have even more going for you. Orange sweatpants (and other colors, of course) are ideally suited to athletics for a number of reasons. Here are the three most important:

Sweatpants let you move. Due to their loose and almost baggy fit, sweatpants are great for sports that require ample movement, flexibility, and rotation. They are baggy enough that the wearer can run, kick, bend at the knees, twist, and change direction without pulling on the flexibility of the pants. Sweatpants will not hinder this movement with tightened fabric; rather, loose enough orange sweatpants allow full movement for a number of different sports.

They are soft. You might not think that softness matters in athletic clothing, but it actually does. Certainly you don’t want the thick softness of a down blanket while you play, and the purpose isn’t to make you feel coddled. Rather, the softness of orange sweatpants is good for athletes because it doesn’t irritate their skin when they move, as scratchy materials or seams would do.

They are the perfect weight. Thick enough to keep the muscles warm (to reduce cramping), yet not so thick that they overheat an athlete or cause discomfort, orange sweatpants are the perfect in between for staying comfortable while active.

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