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What does the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have to do with organic clothing?

One can say – nothing; we say – everything. There are probably millions of us around the planet, aghast, upset and worried about the amount of devastation caused by Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Our technological incompetence in face of true catastrophes, the loss of lives, both human and marine, strips away the temporary narcissist faith in our control over the universe.

oil spill_2We were celebrating the Earth Day with our company in our small town, when the news reached media, 41 years after the 1969 Santa Barbra oil spill, which contributed to founding Earth Day itself. Together with number of local organic farms, businesses and organizations, we were acknowledging the accomplished progress in protection of the environment. The oil spill put a different perspective on that – are we really moving forward? There are some, like British The Dark Mountain movement, which see this civilization already past the point of return. As much as unreal this seems – look at the gone ancient cultures: ancient China, the pyramids, the Coliseum in ruins. Civilizations do rise and fall and mostly they destroy themselves.

Nature and our relationship to it are worth a double look each day. Acts of nature are often unpredictable, acts against nature are not. Drilling through 5,000 feet of water and then 13,000 feet of rock are acts of greed, arrogance and unfounded confidence in the superiority of our technical knowledge and equipment. There is nowhere else to point the fingers than ourselves. Our blind love of oil, which Dana Lyons sings about in “Lubricate the Red, White and Blue” feeds 97% of our cars, trucks and plains. When we walk around in conveniently non-wrinkly, easy to wash polyester derived directly from oil, carry our oil derived shopping bags, we condone the price of the event like this one over and over again.

We have reached the state of the illusionary technical expertise which cannot answer the most basic question: “How do you reverse it back to the way things were?” We are so smart combining the chains of polymers but once synthesized, we don’t know how to degrade them. We can split an atom but we have never figured it out how to put it back together. We feed our children Genetically Modified foods, ignoring all the warnings. We give the free ticket to mad scientists to combine plant DNA with fish DNA, spike our soy, corn, wheat, sugar with cancer producing insecticide molecules and most of the time don’t even know it and don’t ask. There is no one on earth able to reverse the loss of 96% of our soy, large percentage of cotton and corn to GMO crops. Most of us don’t even know that we are not eating food anymore, we are eating the largest science experiment in history of humanity, only called “food”. Our grandchildren will tell us if we gambled right. In a meantime, we observe with astonishment the rising of illnesses, “food” intolerances, rash and eczema where our chemical laden clothes touch the skin. Just like when Chernobyl blows up, when drilling rig explodes, we look with surprise at damage created, saddened and always clueless how to reverse it.

At this point there are no perfect solutions, only compromises but first, it is crucial to recover our lost reverence to nature, our respect for natural resources. We need these for thousands more years. Maybe we should not drill the hole if we don’t know how to plug it. A petroleum engineer involved in the spill supposedly said in a radio interview “It just seems like every now and then, you can’t win against Mother Nature.” Correction – you can never win against the Mother Nature. That’s not the direction we want to keep going.

Please, keep doing your part in taking steps, no matter how small or challenging they might be in supporting the eco-friendly efforts and groups which try hard to not work against Mother Nature. We are in it together.

Pesticides Effect On Children’s Health

An important study about the link between pesticides and children’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), was published recently in the journal Pediatrics. This is not an anecdotal small research; a comprehensive study of 1,139 children from different areas of Unites States was done. The findings state “Children with above-average levels of one (pesticide) byproduct had roughly twice the odds of getting a diagnosis of ADHD”. The general term “ADHD” encompasses a variety of problems for health, attention, learning and social interaction. A connection can be drawn to origins of pesticide chemicals, which were originally developed as a nerve gas for combat application in a World War II, causing nerve damage. That’s why they kill pests and insects. A logical conclusion that pesticides, affecting nervous system, can be responsible for behavior and learning problems, is now proven by study.
Digestion and food, as well as human skin seem to be the logical sources of transferring chemicals into the body. Worth noting is that skin of children, their body’s largest organ, is much thinner and sensitive. Pediatric dermatologists found that infant skin is 20% to 30% thinner than in adults. That is almost one third thinner than that of the grownups. Its immaturity lowers the protective function from temperature, bacteria or chemicals. Just as one would monitor well the exposure of an infant or young child to full sun or freezing conditions, special care needs to be extended to protection from toxins. That is why avoiding Parabens in children products, avoiding harsh chemicals, even perfumes etc is so important. Science Daily reports that one in five children is affected by eczema or problems with skin condition.

If one considers skin safety, it is worth to look further into clothing. Why clothing? Because it is obviously in contact with skin all the time. Also because conventional cotton growers are one of the biggest consumer of pesticide and insecticide, using actually 24% of its world amount. The effect on the consumer is that a pair of jeans or a cotton tee shirt might use 1/3 lb of potentially toxic chemicals, strong enough to directly kill lower life forms. An open question is how much of it action affects people and how many chances we are willing to take in answering it.

Viable solutions exist. A strong consumer insistence on non toxic solutions for the environment, as well as our products, will force the industry in better direction. Our everyday products don’t need to be “organic” – ALL products should be safe, without potentially harmful chemicals. All food should be safe to eat. Clothing should not be dipped in formaldehyde, sprayed with chemicals, especially clothing for infants.

For right now, label “organic” does provide a safety standard of inspection by third party. The organic growers and manufacturers go through great length and cost, to evidence their practices and ingredients. There are also many choices of clothing for children and adults made from safe, natural fibers: hemp, organic cotton and recently bamboo, grown without toxins. Is the cost of organic clothing higher? The answer depends on how is it compared and to which products. Comparing it to a chemically sprayed crop, sweat shop made garment, with worker receiving a few cents for his work, is one way. Comparing it to growing organic crops, fending off the insects manually, caring for soil, water and air, is another way of looking. Considering buying one organic Tee instead of three conventional ones, one pair of organic jeans instead of two might be a sensible solution. It is the solution that allows the children and the planet to breathe easier, literally.

Natural or un-Natural: anti-electromagnetic and anti-bacterial clothing

In our not-so-natural anymore world I ask myself this question a lot: how much technology do we really need and want in our life to live better?

It is a very interesting question. Nano-technology fascinates many by binding particles like silver, with its anti-bacterial properties, with common materials presumably for our benefit. But there are also serious opponents of that technology with valid concerns about possible health dangers. As the owner of Natural Clothing Company, I come across much of different and often very interesting information, which does not have a clear cut answers.

Take for example the Chinese Hebei Metals & Minerals Corp, a producer of fiberglass insulation, mineral wool and calcium silicate insulation. These products make an organic person like me shiver… But let’s look. The company is exploring other hi-tech applications as production and sale of the anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, anti-static fabric and apparel. Their anti radiation material was used by for astronauts.Hebei_22

As many holistic people confirm, there is a growing concern about the effects of electromagnetic wave (microwave) and increased by it cell temperature on human organisms. Hence the concept of anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric was born, shielding 99.99 percent of harmful electromagnetic waves.

Hebei other path of research involves two naturally occurring materials like bamboo fiber & silver, then spinning and weaving together. The result is an anti-bacterial fiber, which retains its properties with washing, sun etc. On a surface, sounds like natural product. Is it?

OK, my actual question is: can we really protect ourselves from ill effects of technology by increasing our use of the technology itself? Are we playing catch-22 with ourselves?

Hemp, bamboo, even soy have inherent anti-bacterial properties serving us, as in case of hemp for thousands of years. Well, does it protect from electromagnetic waves? Who knows… I know the vibrations of natural fibers do increase our well-being, consciously or subconsciously. When you put on natural fiber clothing, your body registers something, a vibe of goodness, a breath of relief. Maybe a solution is a “middle path”: we limit the offensive forces in environment, while we work like crazy to grow and process natural fibers organically. If we fast enough we might repair some of the damage to our earthly home and ourselves. What do you think?

Sell my clothes for money

I start this post with a hurrh, a hurrh because of the amount of weight I’ve put on, a hurrh because I now realise even if I lose enough weight, my once favourite dress has over done it’s time, a hurrh because even if I can lose enough weight, I’ll never have that same shape as I did before because I’ve put weight on all over. So I find myself in a dilemma, not like Kelly and Nelly, not a love dilemma but something a lot more harder to sort out. My dilemma is my clothes, my old clothes, the clothes that once fitted perfectly, reflected my shape, style and personality, but there clothes that have sat there for over 2 years. The plan was for them clothes to go away for a few month’s, until I got myself back on track, back to the old Jada, the size I was happy at. That failed and now them clothes are out of fashion, way out of fashion, out of date is not the word!

So I have a dilemma what do I do with these clothes, I could give them away but they would only be cut up and used as cleaning rags, there so out of date I may as well just pull out my Spice Girl’s puffer jacket, oh my, could you imagine the stares I would received of passing strangers as I walked through town! Being a single Mum, when a close friend suggested I should sell my old clothes and make a few bob for myself, I got online and started looking about, whilst all the time thinking really? I could get rid of my old, out of date clothes and actually earn something from doing it!?

Holiday Clothes In Larger Sizes Store Guide

It is a concern about whether stores carry the item for you as in your size, because full figure stores online cater exclusively to plus sized women’s personal needs. That is, they usually carry items from size 12 or 14 to size 48 and atop! Most stores have their own size ranges, give results, and may stop by size 34 for instance while others may carry items up to size fifty-five. This usually varies on an outlet by store basis.

Of course, just offering a wider variety sizes is only one thing must be utilized into guideline. Every girl to be able to be able to find offers you and greatest fashions. The key is to discover a dress that is different yet isn’t too one particular. After all, no one wants to stand out much. Fun colors and great fabrics that swish and glisten always catch a person’s eye. A style that is often a little daring is always a big hit, too. Don’t forget to add in great accessories and plus size lingerie probably will make you feel extra sexy on this big night.

Knowing colors and shapes that accentuate your physique is a significant part of building a working wardrobe of plus size clothing. Another common misconception is that plus size women should shy far removed from plus size clothing with bold patterns and bright colors. While darker colors do usually tend to provide a slimming effect, a monochromatic ensemble in the brighter tone can function the actual. Or, you can add a dash of color having a colorful top or including a colorful accessory to an otherwise dark outfit. By way of patterns for plus size clothing, plus size women should shy away from larger prints in favor of smaller designs. Bolder prints typically draw the interest directly to hassle spots, which is the exact opposite of the effect that you need to create with plus size clothing.

Looking finest priced item is a lot quicker online. Imagine you are recommending an item that you’ll to buy; you could easily remember of it by book-marking the page, and before going ahead and buying that item however browse regarding the other plus size swimwear to check whether they carry this is equally or similar items at a cheaper premium. There are also an associated with promotions and purchases going on at online plus size stores. Some stores might choose to keep you updated onto their promotions by emailing you monthly newsletters, which can continue to keep you on the ball with money saving deals, coupons available and discounts.

There are lots of places that your chosen plus size nighties size woman can shop at for flattering clothing. The clothing topped off whilst right shoes and the correct jewelry forces you to look currently being a million greenbacks.

Have Your Size Ready: Since you can’t try the lingerie on you will requirement to know your exact size when ordering soon. Be sure to study the companies size chart to make sure you’re choosing exactly how big you absolutely need. If your not clear on your size, consider getting professionally fitted and writing down your numbers for later use.

Impact Fashion Tips For The Style Maven In Everyone

backgroundMen’s scarves were created to provide warmth, and they are also stylish. If you have only evaluated scarves for a snow-day necessity, you might need to think again. Men’s scarves can lend an air of old Hollywood glamour, especially using a white silk kaftan scarf, or supply creates a modern pop star look having a paisley silk scarf. These men’s accessories can have a little more fashion panache, but they’ll always make a control. For wintertime, wool scarves really are essential. For real luxury and warmth, a cashmere scarf is the way to go; grey cashmere men’s scarves are always stylish.

Silk sheers can be utilized to bring radical change in the outlook and atmosphere of the room. There are various kinds of window treatments available that you can utilize for your change that you are currently looking intended for.

Start job search routinely. Resist the urge to lay around your property in your underwear feeling sorry in the pocket. No doubt you are feeling pretty lousy at the moment but want to stay strong and confident. Upward at tennis shoes time when you did when you’re working, maybe even earlier. Shower and put on kaftan resort wear even though you aren’t leaving home that holiday weekend. You will be more productive therefore your spouse will also see how committed you’re to finding work.

When buying your resort wear collection, be careful not drugs your vacation wardrobe too tricky. In case you are going with regard to gone for 10 days, other than underwear, there is no reason why you can’t repeat clothing items. For example, is there a nice maxi dress or lounge dress you may take from poolside to dinner by accessorizing while using the right jewelry and proper footwear? This has become a way of life for me, as well as I think when designing my resort wear collection and loungewear collection.

One among the few clothing shops on the beachside only reserved for men, GT Rhodes offers both casual and formal wear. Men can find patio furniture from socks and belts to suits and jackets. The length of service at GT Rhodes is just as good as the product they carry.

If none of these favors strike your fancy, browse around on sites for cheap wedding favors until you find something that does. There are lots of options on the web for compared to $2 each!

Why Are Cashmere Socks So Comfortable?

Chances are you’ve heard of cashmere before, but what exactly is it? What types of clothing is it used with and what makes it so comfortable? These are questions you should know when looking for garments made of cashmere materials such as cashmere socks and gloves.

Cashmere is positively one of the softest and most comfortable around. Its elegance and beauty ensures that it never goes out of style. The exceptional feel of it your feet, hands or neck is unparalleled in comfort and warmth. This amazing material actually comes from modest means. It is actually wool that is spun from a Himalayan mountain goat. Local workers high up in the Himalayan mountains harvest the cashmere fibers and process it all by hand. As if the remote location and hand processing weren’t enough to make this material expensive, it takes a single goat 4-5 years to make enough wool for a one garment. Most commonly bred in Iran, the goats can also be found in China, India, and Tibet.

Because of the extreme rarity and value of the wool, it is highly prized. Many people who own a garment such as a pair of gloves, a sweater or throw cherish and take great care of it. The rarity make it somewhat expensive, although the benefits are well worth it. Cashmere socks are very soft and comfortable, and provide excellent warming benefits. This makes them perfect for wearing around the house, during outings, or outdoor events. The snug feeling will keep you toasty no matter how cold it is.

Another factor that influences the price of the material is the location it is removed from the goat. Wool removed from the stomach and throat is softer and better quality than wool from other areas like the back and legs.

The versatility of it means that a variety of garment types can be made, including dresses, gloves, socks, and throws. There are even enthusiasts out there who collect many different types of clothing made out of this wonder material. As with any garment, proper cleaning is essential. Wash it in cool water with mild detergent. Make sure to handle it carefully and refrain from ringing or twisting it, resulting in deformation.

With a little more knowledge on this great fabric, you can be a more informed shopper, and look for cashmere socks that will fit your needs best!

Washing Cashmere For Long Life

Before you wash your cashmere socks for the first time, it is important to keep a few important care tips in mind. Cashmere is a wonderful material, and with a little TLC, you can keep them durable for a good while.

You may have read the washing instructions label on the packaging or socks themselves to find out they are “dry clean only”. However, these socks can be washed just like any wool fiber garment. That might not mean a whole lot to you, so I’ll explain further. There are three things you want to avoid when washing these socks- heat, harsh detergents, and agitation. Any of these things can lead to your socks to shrink and deform, which is definitely not a good thing. Let’s talk about how to avoid these common mistakes when washing cashmere.

When using detergents, make sure it is of a mild variety, meaning that the chemicals are not too potent and harsh. It is also a good idea to dilute the detergent with some water. Baby shampoo is actually a great cleaner for this purpose, as it is a very mild soap. When diluting the soap, use cold water and a very small amount of soap. If your mix is creating quite a bit of bubbles, you have added too much soap and will need to either add more water or start over. You will be washing the socks by hand in this mixture, so be sure to make enough for the number of garments you are washing.

When you are done mixing, place the socks into the water and give it a gentle swirl to break up dirt and debris on the cashmere. When the cashmere is wet, is becomes much weaker, so take care when handling it. Allow the items to soak for half an hour in the water, and then drain out the water in the sink. Refill the container with fresh, cold water and proceed to remove the soap from the socks. This is done by dipping the socks in the fresh water and gently squeezing the material if needed. Avoid wringing or twisting the material because this can deform the socks.

To dry the cashmere socks, lay them flat on a towel and allow to dry flat. This important step ensures that the socks maintain their shape. Once dry, they are ready for use again. After several hand-washes, the cashmere material will become even more soft and comfortable.

Orange Sweatpants: The Athletic Advantage

If your school or sports team has the color orange as one of your spirit colors, or if you just happen to like orange on an individual basis, then you should consider (if you haven’t already) buying a few pairs of orange sweatpants to wear when you exercise, practice, or warm up.

Sweatpants themselves have been used for a number of years by athletes, and traditionally, they come in dull shades such as gray. But today, sweatpants are worn as casual house wear or pajamas, and they have since been made available in a wide range of colors.

If you just want orange sweatpants for their comfort around the house, that is fine. They certainly are comfortable, and you are in company with a whole lot of people.

But if you are considering orange sweatpants so that you can wear them during some sport or physical activity, you have even more going for you. Orange sweatpants (and other colors, of course) are ideally suited to athletics for a number of reasons. Here are the three most important:

Sweatpants let you move. Due to their loose and almost baggy fit, sweatpants are great for sports that require ample movement, flexibility, and rotation. They are baggy enough that the wearer can run, kick, bend at the knees, twist, and change direction without pulling on the flexibility of the pants. Sweatpants will not hinder this movement with tightened fabric; rather, loose enough orange sweatpants allow full movement for a number of different sports.

They are soft. You might not think that softness matters in athletic clothing, but it actually does. Certainly you don’t want the thick softness of a down blanket while you play, and the purpose isn’t to make you feel coddled. Rather, the softness of orange sweatpants is good for athletes because it doesn’t irritate their skin when they move, as scratchy materials or seams would do.

They are the perfect weight. Thick enough to keep the muscles warm (to reduce cramping), yet not so thick that they overheat an athlete or cause discomfort, orange sweatpants are the perfect in between for staying comfortable while active.