Sell my clothes for money

I start this post with a hurrh, a hurrh because of the amount of weight I’ve put on, a hurrh because I now realise even if I lose enough weight, my once favourite dress has over done it’s time, a hurrh because even if I can lose enough weight, I’ll never have that same shape as I did before because I’ve put weight on all over. So I find myself in a dilemma, not like Kelly and Nelly, not a love dilemma but something a lot more harder to sort out. My dilemma is my clothes, my old clothes, the clothes that once fitted perfectly, reflected my shape, style and personality, but there clothes that have sat there for over 2 years. The plan was for them clothes to go away for a few month’s, until I got myself back on track, back to the old Jada, the size I was happy at. That failed and now them clothes are out of fashion, way out of fashion, out of date is not the word!

So I have a dilemma what do I do with these clothes, I could give them away but they would only be cut up and used as cleaning rags, there so out of date I may as well just pull out my Spice Girl’s puffer jacket, oh my, could you imagine the stares I would received of passing strangers as I walked through town! Being a single Mum, when a close friend suggested I should sell my old clothes and make a few bob for myself, I got online and started looking about, whilst all the time thinking really? I could get rid of my old, out of date clothes and actually earn something from doing it!?

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