The love of a perfect pair of jeans: Part I

I love summer, really I do. The beautiful blue skies with little wisps of perfect white cloud delight me. The beauty of flower gardens and rocky ocean shores enthral me. And the freedom of feeling like I can wear less (on my arms, legs… well, almost everywhere!) is a special treat during those two short months that summer reigns in the Lower Mainland of BC. But nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, comes close to the joy of donning a pair of perfectly-fitting blue jeans, a colourful top, and a soft open cardigan with LOTS of chunky metal jewellery, that comes with a crisp day in Fall.

Silver Jeans – Aiko Boot Cut

I love the comfort of jeans, the flattering look of jeans, and most importantly, the fact that they make me seem WAY cooler than I actually am! I look good in a great pair of dress pants, no doubt, but put a pair of awesome dark-blue jeans underneath ANY of my funky tops, and I’m ready for action! (You can decide what action YOU’RE ready for in jeans, but I was thinking about work:). They give me confidence and the permission to be easy-going, even on a day filled with looming deadlines and ever-growing piles of paperwork! Jeans do what no other type of bottom can do… they make me feel COOOOL! (For those of you who were around in the 70’s, think Shaft, not Cheech and Chong! Or if you’ve merely watched That 70’s Show, think Steven… or Donna!

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans – Boot Cut

I know what you’re thinking. Jean-shopping for a curvy-girl is akin to swimsuit shopping in regards to both pleasure and the likelihood of success! Not so, my dear friend. If you know WHERE to look, and WHO to get to help you find that perfect pair,you WILL feel cool, confident, and ready for whatever action your day requires. I promise! NO woman has an impossible-to-fit body. NO woman has an “odd” body shape. We ALL fit into a finite number of different body types, and there ARE jeans out there for us!

So… stay tuned to this space for tips on fitting YOUR curvy body (no matter where your particular curves may be!) And for now, take a look at these three HOT brands that have the best fits, and highest quality I have ever found in jeans for the plus size woman! No matter what your shape, one of them is bound to make you feel AMAZING! I promise!

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