Washing Cashmere For Long Life

Before you wash your cashmere socks for the first time, it is important to keep a few important care tips in mind. Cashmere is a wonderful material, and with a little TLC, you can keep them durable for a good while.

You may have read the washing instructions label on the packaging or socks themselves to find out they are “dry clean only”. However, these socks can be washed just like any wool fiber garment. That might not mean a whole lot to you, so I’ll explain further. There are three things you want to avoid when washing these socks- heat, harsh detergents, and agitation. Any of these things can lead to your socks to shrink and deform, which is definitely not a good thing. Let’s talk about how to avoid these common mistakes when washing cashmere.

When using detergents, make sure it is of a mild variety, meaning that the chemicals are not too potent and harsh. It is also a good idea to dilute the detergent with some water. Baby shampoo is actually a great cleaner for this purpose, as it is a very mild soap. When diluting the soap, use cold water and a very small amount of soap. If your mix is creating quite a bit of bubbles, you have added too much soap and will need to either add more water or start over. You will be washing the socks by hand in this mixture, so be sure to make enough for the number of garments you are washing.

When you are done mixing, place the socks into the water and give it a gentle swirl to break up dirt and debris on the cashmere. When the cashmere is wet, is becomes much weaker, so take care when handling it. Allow the items to soak for half an hour in the water, and then drain out the water in the sink. Refill the container with fresh, cold water and proceed to remove the soap from the socks. This is done by dipping the socks in the fresh water and gently squeezing the material if needed. Avoid wringing or twisting the material because this can deform the socks.

To dry the cashmere socks, lay them flat on a towel and allow to dry flat. This important step ensures that the socks maintain their shape. Once dry, they are ready for use again. After several hand-washes, the cashmere material will become even more soft and comfortable.

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